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Do It Yourself

"I started TLB Consulting with only one goal in mind; to help take the mystery and frustration out of connecting company's and their products with big retail."   Our mission statement is: “To connect products with people in an honest, forthright and ethical manner.”  

At the Executive level I have been on both sides of retail and know every aspect of taking a product to market.  I have felt the frustration of slammed doors and phone calls going unreturned.  I have also been on the sales floor in some of the most successful retail companies in the US selling products only to be frustrated by wrong plano-grams and logistical issues.  

Getting products into large retail companies  is extremely tough.  Your product is just one of a thousand products each buyer is looking at during any given week.  These buyers (the people responsible for making a decision on your product) are very busy and sometimes impossible to contact unless you have established prior trust based relationships.  They have an expectation that you will be prepared, have done your homework and know their unique business practices.  If a meeting goes wrong it is doubtful your company will get a second chance during that same year.

I understand Costco's business model and the business models of other large retailers.  I can get the doors open and give you the chance you have been waiting for to show your product.

I believe in going directly to the source which is why when you hire TLB Consulting you will be working directly with me.  

I have the expertise to:

  • Help answer the many questions you have relating to your product and where you want to take it to market
  • Prepare you for meetings, conference calls and other correspondence.
  • Help you make marketing and packaging decisions prior to any meetings.
  • Work with you on pricing and alert you to hidden costs that can rob your margin down the road.
  • Help you analyze your business model/PNL and make recommendations to maximize your partnership with the retailer. 
  • Create a strategic marketing plan to launch and sell your product domestically and internationally  

I have the connections to:

  • Help you find the right retailer for your product both in the US and abroad.
  • Get you talking to the right person immediately.
  • Save you valuable time and money.
  • Cut through red tape and get your products to market fast.
  • Take your product International.

I have the experience to:

  • Work with merchandisers on product placement
  • Facilitate product training.
  • Hire a sales staff. (Generally used if working with Costco special events)
  • Conduct store visits and evaluations.
  • Help supplement your sales department.

Put my expertise, connections and experience to work for you and lets sell some product!