“Tim provided me with a great deal of insight into not only the world of business but into life. He instituted numerous creative methods of growing Human Touch's Major US Retail Division. During his tenure he grew this division by developing new business models which consisted of profitable high volume sales. Tim's focus on customer service and customer satisfaction is a refreshing change from the typical sales person (whose main focus is on making the sale.) Tim was concerned with the entire sales cycle and ensuring the most positive customer experiences. Tim's "can do" attitude drives everyone around him to perform to the best of their ability. He would be an asset to any corporate management team as he brings a high level of enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to the table.”

Brett Davis
Sales Manager
US Retail
“Working alongside of Tim has been nothing but fantastic, although we are in different divisions Tim has always reached out to help me see things in a different light. I have learned a lot from Tim over the last 2 years. Tim’s experience reaches from running multiple retail locations to being able to sit in front of several buyers from Major big box retailers, and develop an annual roadmap of their business. With that being said I look forward to working with Tim for many years to come. It is quite refreshing to work with someone like Tim who is so down to earth and ready to help out and make things work even when his own plate is full. Tim is a trailblazer and is always ready to help sort things out and not waste time doing so; his thought process is precise and methodical and is always ready to share his insight when needed. Mark Cell / International Sales Manager Human Touch LLC” 

Mark Cell
Sales Manager
“Tim is an unusually talented sales professional. He is able not only to work easily and fluidly with existing accounts and channels but also is able to creatively research and analyze new potential channels. Once defined, he turns those channels into profitable businesses. Hard working and well versed in all the latest selling techniques, Tim is more than just an outstanding sales professional. He is an expert in profitable business development.”

Nick Gibbons
Managing Director
International Sales

“I had the opportunity to work with Timothy Bush as the Sales Director, Major U.S. Retail/Internet for Human Touch LLC. (the world’s leading producer and distributor of robotic massage chairs). Tim immediately took charge of this newly created position and developed a dynamic rapport with existing customers, while generating a substantial “opportunity list” of new customers. He has excellent follow-through, interpersonal skills and he holds himself to a very high standard of performance. He quickly assimilated into the sales team at the company and was an important team player in the overall sales effort. Tim has an inner drive to succeed and is a consummate professional when planning his business. He was able to develop and articulate clearly defined goals and objectives for his division that fit into the overall sales strategy of the company. The growth in his sales division was driven by his ability to work with existing customers to improve their sales as well as by adding new customers. While the product offerings and sales programs were always changing, Tim showed a remarkable ability to adjust and move forward in a very positive way. I could count on him to weather even the toughest of retail climates and situations and come out on top. Please don’t hesitate to contact me as a reference for Tim. Regards, …

Craig Craig P. Womack Former CEO, Human Touch, LLC. craig@cpwomack.com”

“In my short time working with Timothy he proved to be a valuable resource who could think outside the box. I also found it easy to build a relationship/bond with him in a short period of time. All, valuable assets in these challenging times."

Eric Tinn
Eastern Regional Sales Manager , Rymax

“I worked with Tim during his tenure with Human Touch Corporation. My company represented HT in the Premium Incentive channel. Tim is a highly motivated sales executive willing to do what it takes to secure distribution with our key accounts. He represented his company in a very professional business manner. Tim came prepared with a formal presentation that not only included his product line but industry data and nuances of the company that made them different and better then the competition. A real pleasure to work with!”

Ed Rivera , SR Dir. of Sales , Rymax Marketing Inc

“Tim, over the two years we have worked together, has proven to be a strong business partner. His understanding of my business needs has created a solid and profitable business relationship."

Lynne Elwell , Senior Buyer , Tuesday Morning

“Tim is one of the most friendly and refreshing sales professionals I know. Tim supports sales and business objectives with clear and conscise thinking. He never loses sight of his objectives, and gives creative and constructive feedback to Marketing to support his efforts. I highly recommend him.”

Andrew Corkill , Director of Product Management

“Tim is an excellent senior level sales executive with a broad range of creative skills and a very strategic approach to reaching corporate objectives. Tim is always a hard working individual with a great sense of team spirit and humor. He is proactive in his dealings with accounts and consistently proves to be a valuable resource for others. Tim would undoubtedly be a great asset to any organization.”

Ila Barot-Oldakowski , Director/VP, Marketing

“Tim is laser focused on the customer at all times. His ability to cut through obstacles and bureaucracy and meet customer objectives is legendary. He is very talented at developing long term mutually beneficial customer relationships. Tim is in charge of the Retail business for Human Touch Massage Products and he has done a fabulous job to help HTT deliver new opportunities to their retail map. Tim is and would be an asset to any organization he works for! It's easy to work diligently for someone that understands what I do every day in sales. I'm pround to work hard for a sales leader that has keen instincts!”

Andy Birnbaum , Manufacturer's Representative

“Tim is a valuable asset to any organization looking to take their business to the next level. He has an unbelievable vision and is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met. He is always thinking out of the box and finding new ways to deliver results. He has a passion to help people succeed. He excels at inspiring and motivating, consistently leading people to achieve goals beyond their own expectations. He doesn't accept below the bar performance and teaches you how to win! I have had the pleasue of working with Tim for several years. He has pushed me to explore new options, get out of my comfort zone and to take action! I highly recommend Tim as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is a great leader, mentor and friend. An individual I would always want as a part of my team.”

Dan Zimanski , National Sales Manager - Franchise

“It was a sincere pleasure to work with Tim at the Oreck Corporation. His ability to think differently, address difficult questions, and articulate a vision for the future was inspiring. Tim was one of my primary ‘go to’ people to get unstuck. He has an astute way of addressing broader points and getting things moving in the right direction. He is not afraid to make an unpopular decision for the good of the organization which makes him a natural leader. Tim developed several new sales strategies for the organization that had quantifiable positive impact.”

Matthew Douzart , Regional Sales Manager

Business references:
“We found Timothy (as a consultant) via a blog when looking for someone
with experience in selling to a big box store chain. Even though we only
used him for a short time (not his fault), we found Timothy to be very fortright,
ethical and, for the short time that we used his expertise, very knowledgeable
about the specific retailer we were trying to approach. If we have an
opportunity in the future to try and close that deal, we will definitely come
back to him to help us land this client.”

Top qualities: Expert , On Time , High Integrity

Richard Blumenstein